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Healing Hands of Joy Wishes to Celebrate the Mom in Your Life!

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With a contribution submitted on or before May 3rd, you will help to save the life of a mother and a baby.

As our gift of appreciation to you, Healing Hands of Joy will send a beautiful Mother’s Day card in your honor to the recipient of your choice.

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Help Support Healing Hands of Joy

Healing Hands of Joy looks to the future with goals to expand the program across rural Ethiopia while providing a range of options to empower women in their communities and provide safe delivery. Please help us continue our work to make Motherhood Safer in Ethiopia.

Sponsor a Safe Motherhood Ambassador

One by one we can support the dreams of these women and help them become independent and valued members of their communities.  Support Healing Hands of Joy today to help the Ethiopian Women who have suffered this horrific childbirth injury reclaim their lives and help prevent others from experiencing the same horror.



Provide a SMA with her own Uniform, Didactic Book & Umbrella: Each graduating SMA receives a uniform and umbrella to both distinguish and protect her as she walks to meet with pregnant mothers in her region. HHOJ’s illustrated didactic book helps the SMA share the story of how institutional delivery helps prevent obstetric fistula.


Covers monthly communication & transportation costs for our staff and trainees.


Supports a former fistula patient’s start-up micro-finance loan.


Supports a remote rural community screening of Fistula Is Not A Curse.


Help support a fistula survivor as she prepares to educate her community about fistula and safe, institutional childbirth. During our 1-month training program at HHOJ's center in northern Ethiopia, SMAs receive maternal health training, psychological counseling and community reintegration support. Your partnership provides income-generating skills training and a $200 micro-loan for economic empowerment. Housing, a healthy local diet and full-time supportive care and her SMA uniform and didactic teaching manual. 


Supports education materials and transportation vouchers for pregnant women in Northern Ethiopia for an entire year.






Help train a midwife and improve access to maternal health services: There are just 4,000 midwives in Ethiopia, for a population of 42 million women. Our program, Skilled Hands of Joy, will help equip diploma-level midwives with clinical skills needed to intervene in emergencies and provide comprehensive antenatal care to expectant mothers in remote regions of northern Ethiopia.


Join us as the sole sponsor of our Training Center in northern Ethiopia: We invite you to lend your name to our Mekelle Center; the heart of our Safe Motherhood Ambassador program. Your commitment allows us to house our SMAs, our site managers, guards, and cover necessities like monthly rent, water, electricity, Internet and maintenance.


Provides for an entire class of 10 Safe Motherhood Ambassadors.





Bill Bloomfield recognizes the importance and success of the mission of Healing Hands of Joy and its operations.  Healing Hands of Joy is thrilled that Bill decided from the beginning to believe in the vision of helping women with obstetric fistula as its first major donor and is a member of the Healing Hands of Joy Board of Directors.  Now Bill wants to ensure that every dollar that is donated to Healing Hands goes directly to helping women in Ethiopia by becoming our Angel Donor and donating the entire U.S. operations budget.  An active leader on the community, national and international stage, Bill is our hero and playing a major role in eradicating obstetric fistula through Healing Hand’s of Joy’s programs.



Ambassador Circle ($500+)

Cynthia Breilh
Debra Cantrell
Debra Cordell
Karen Dealy
Leigh Giles
Barbara Hawks
Kay Jones
Steven Klinsky
George Koundourakis
Betsy Liles
Glenn and Karissa McKinney
Eric and Susanne Metaxas
Yemisrach Mulugeta
The Mustard Seed
Jerry and Kathleen Price
Phyllis Rega
Relief Network Partners, LLC
Natalie Riley
Christopher and Sarah Snow
The Frances E. Streit Foundation Trust
Lou Ann Vaughn
Kent Walker
Thomas Weber
Agnes Weisiger

Joy Circle ($1,000+)
Receive immediate acknowledgement and a hand-written note from Executive Director Allison Shigo.

Penny Barnhill
Julie Campbell
Barbara and Steady Cash
Serena Connelly
DeeDee Dalrymple
Ian Ellison-Taylor
Patricia Forbes
Peggy Goldwyn
Rodney and Frances Hall
Katy Huang
The Landegger Charitable Foundation
Frank and Frances Martin
Scott McLean
Dr. William and Mrs. Linde Mullis
Brett O'Donnell
Albert and Kathleen Shigo
Allison Shigo
Connie Smith
Judith Smooke
Benjamin and Leah Thomas
Dawit Tsadik

Healing Circle ($2,500+) Receive an invitation to an annual celebration reception in your region.

Jeff and Linda Ayers
Amy Bucher
The Gustafson Charitable Foundation
Suzanne Snyder


Celebration Circle ($5,000+)
Receive an invitation to a Joy Trip and a Letter of Impact

Amy Beckman
Calvary Baptist Church
Joe Dussich and Jennifer Chin-Dussich
Jay Jensen
Robert and Kay Norris
Jackie Renwick
Jean Trott
Sam and Susan Rankin

Jubilation Circle ($10,000+)
Receive a fully funded place in a Joy Trip (excluding airfare) and a photo from your sponsored class of Safe Motherhood Ambassadors.

The Inmaat Foundation
Iris Fistula Project
The Good Works Institute, Inc.
Times Square Church
Dr. John and Mrs. Rebecca Walsh
World Help


Angel Donors ($50,000+)

Bill Bloomfield - The Bloomfield Family Foundation
The Coatney Family


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